Our range

Custom bouquets

Our bouquets are anything but standard. As well as mono bouquets, we design and arrange custom bouquets for each customer. In order to do this, our flower arrangers immerse themselves in the store concept and the customer’s target group and follow all of the market trends, from fashion to packaging and from colour to form. They also take account of the availability of the products (including seasonal) that they use. They use all of this input to create customer-specific ranges that fit seamlessly into our customers’ sales strategies and catch the eye of every consumer.

Packaging concepts

Our buyers, who can be found daily in the market and with our suppliers, are continuously looking out for new products and new packaging concepts. Our suppliers and flower arrangers are closely involved in the development of the concepts that are to be presented to our customers. We think that’s important. Packaging should not only attract consumers to make a purchase, but should also protect the product well and be efficient to process. Only those packaging concepts that satisfy these three user requirements are included in our range. We always provide our customers with products that are ready to sell, and if necessary, we also take care of the purchase of packaging materials and assembly of the products.

Seasonal and holiday concepts

From Valentine’s Day to Mother’s Day and Women’s Day, from Easter to Christmas, and from spring to winter: each season and holiday has its own feel and atmosphere and we take great pleasure in creatively incorporating this into our customer-specific and distinctive flower and plant concepts.

Plant concepts

Our plant concepts are anything but standard. We design and arrange custom plant concepts for each of our customers. Our work method for creating concepts suited to individual customers is identical to the one we use for flowers (link to custom bouquets). The plant concepts chosen by a customer are rapidly and efficiently produced in a separate processing centre in Aalsmeer. If desired, we also handle the purchasing of all materials (pots, soil, covers, information tags, plants).