Flower Direct

Flourishing your business

Who are we?

We are a young and ambitious family company that’s always on the move, seeking greater efficiency in the supply chain. Founded in 1997, in almost 20 years we’ve grown into a professional supplier of plants and flowers to retailers in Europe, with our primary aim being that our products always arrive in the shops on time and in top condition. In this, we work with the best international suppliers who cultivate their products with love and craftsmanship. These are quality products that we then select, process and package into distinctive bouquet and plant concepts.

What do we stand for?

We base our work on business knowledge, attention to quality, a sense of timing and an endless pursuit of perfection. In the floriculture chain, details can make the difference between sales and losses. These details can include grower support, pre-processing, extra quality and logistics checks, up-to-date information (including on customers), new packaging or customised transport. We leave nothing to chance, always choosing the fastest logistical route and never stopping in our search for innovations and optimal efficiency in the chain. Together with our supply chain partners, we cultivate a fertile ground for pure green passion among our consumers, as well as flourishing sales.


It goes without saying that we produce and process our bouquets and plant concepts in a fair, sustainable manner. To underscore this, we have achieved the following internationally renowned certifications:


We are a socially committed company. Not because it’s ‘in’, but out of a conviction that’s been there since our company started. We have only one Planet Earth and we are mindful of that, just as we are with our social environment and the people we work with. Sustainability, safety, quality and social involvement are a concrete part of our business processes. Our business premises are completely CO2-neutrally heated, for example, by our two high-quality biomass boilers (pellet stoves) and a system that reuses the heat from our cold storage plant for floor heating. In addition, we are Fairtrade and Florimark GTP certified, we use sustainable packaging materials, and we sponsor local, regional and international associations and events with which we feel connected.